Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Art Room

Well, this is the art room. It really wasn't planned as the art room, just got there by osmosis. We did an add-on 10 years ago, still haven't finished it and I got tired of waiting soooo, I just expanded out there.
It is never tidy, always a mess BUT that is a good thing, means lots of creativity is going on! There is everything you'd want. There is a ton of art on the wall from Lily and Cami. I have a few small things up too. The little tag-y things are things I made a few years ago with a stroke of total creativity. I really had fun making them, I was obsessed. Just used good old cardboard and distressed it. Got sloppy and free with them. Sparked lots of neuro pathways making them. I loved it! Happy Memorial Day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Loon I love the art room would love to VISIT the art room would love to have TEA in the art room however I have one question
Where is your girl Pearl?
I am telling you- your page will not be complete without her smiling beak...