Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wild Turkeys...

"A band of wild turkeys is coming down the hill. They are coming slowly-as they walk along they look under the leaves for things to eat, and besides it must be a pleasure to step alternately through the pale sunlight, then patches of slightly golden shade. They are all hens and they lift their thick toes delicately. With such toes they could march up one side of the state and down the other, or skate on water, or dance the tango. But not this morning. As they get closer the sound of their feet in the leaves is like the patter of rain, then rapid rain. My dogs perk their ears, and bound from the path. Instead of opening their dark wings the hens swirl and rush away under the trees, like little ostriches."--Mary Oliver titled "Three Songs"

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Well, that was a really long streak of headache. I am soo tired of it! But I am feeling better and have been trying to walk 2 miles every morning! 5:30 am is really early though!! We have a neighbor at the end of the road whose horse just had a foal so we get to see the "baby" on our walk and lately a really cool hawk has been sitting on the horse pens post, presumably looking for an early morning mouse breakfast? Very cool sitings! 3 more days of school then summer vacation! Unbelievable! Cam's moving home Thursday, that will be so wonderful. Lily will be home but working full-time at the cafe so probably won't see much of her ): Jasi turned Sweet 16 last week! I want to scrap a page for her. I have really "lost my groove" these past 2 weeks! The one I posted here looks like a futile attempt at trying to be creative again. I don't get why it comes and goes! Fun books I just finished were by Sophie Kinsella called "The Undomestic Goddess" and "Can You Keep a Secret?". Really fun Brit Chick Lit, I kinda shy away from that but these were an exception. Just finished Lisa Gardner's newest "Gone" and it was really good too. Now I get to pick a new book to read! That is so fun, browsing my bookshelves...getting a feel for what mood I am in for. Well, dinner calls first, what a bummer!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ugh, migraine time again...

Ugh, and here I was doing so much better! I don't know, I think I am destined to be plagued with these monsters. So depressing, but at least I got them to slow down since I changed meds and started the Petadolex and Migrelief. Still tho, the hormone migraines haunt me ): Thus, I have pretty much lost 2 days of my life this week. No creative energy is flowing, at all. Makes me crazy! All the goods are just sitting on my art table screaming to be played with! And, my package from Scrapsupply came today with the new Designing with Type book from Autumn Leaves, and some fun scalloped Bazzill cardstock. I hope tommorrow is a great day!

I finally saw the turkeys again today, only the 2nd time! We have some wild turkeys around our place. We had 2 big girls, and then we didn't see them for a while. Then, lo n' behold one shows up with at least 10 baby chick turkeys! Talk about CUTE! Today as I was napping and suffering the headache, I heard turkey gobbles out my window. I sat up and peeked out and there they were! All 10 or more babies and Mom, babies are alot bigger. I have got to get a photo of them! Just saw them again this evening, Mr Mann (our big black cat) was stalking them. He just does not get that the big hen could really beat up on him! Well, he's not the brightest bulb on the block either (: