Monday, July 31, 2006

My Bad.....

I don't know. I guess I just can't say "No" to fun, nummy things. Hmm, it shows in the waistline too ): Today was my weekly trek to Ashland to see the chiropractor and Ashland has one of the last remaining "Market of Choice" stores. Ours, here, closed down last year, which totally bummed me out. They have the coolest food stuffs. Scary when food is so exciting. Me and Jas just went nuts in the store today. We were like swivle head dolls. Spent $180 on , what the "big guy" would term, not real food. You know, not dinner foods or anything, but baking and snacky foods! Is there really anything else? I got my Scharffen Berger Chocolate bars (for my own stash), the Dagoba chocolate drops to make the new "Chewy Chocolate chip cookie" ( I learned about these from a cool foodie blog called Mixed Salad Annie), Scharffen Berger baking chocolate (I can't wait to try this!) and I just had to get the Lillie Belle Farms Spicy Pecan Toffee! Oh, and forgot to mention the fresh Baklava! So good with the Dutch Bros Americano! Mmm, to die for! There were alot of other things too. Like soft cream cheese that took 2nd place in some cheese contest (I am such a sucker!), great bagels from Little Shop of Bagels, fresh breads and more.. Then on to Harry & David's for great apricots, peaches and white nectarines (so good with fresh blueberries). They are the best and go fast in my house.

And, as always, the last stop at Barney's aka Barnes & Noble. I picked up the book "The Mercy of Thin Air" by Ronlyn Domingue, sounds real good, and couldn't pass up the fun sounding read "Body Mover's" by Stephanie Bond. I finished "Case Histories" by Kate Atkinson, the first of a new mystery series featuring P.I. Jackson Brodie. I really liked it. Reminded me of the PBS Mystery Series. Am now on the 2nd of a new series by Shirley Tallman. The first was called Murder on Nob Hill and the 2nd is called The Russian Hill Murders. Both featuring Sarah Woolson as the heroine, 1880's woman attorney who solves crimes. They are fun reads. So many books, so little time!! ):

I also saw a very cool bumper sticker that read "Be Peace". What a wonderful saying!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Rocker Chick....

Pearliss is doing good. Starting to eat more each day and hasn't bled at all, thank goodness! The collar looks uncomfortable and he can't groom or anything but it is doing it's job. I really didn't think the bird would make it. And I never thought we'd make it this far!

It's hard to watch him though when he twists his little head around trying to groom. I hope we can take it off on August 2nd, at the follow up visit. The vet said something about 2 months! Jeez, that's a long time for a poor little bird to not be able to groom! Like us not being able to bathe ):

Camille altered this headshot of Pearlie! Isn't it cool?! You can see the peanut butter crumbs on his beak!! She calls it "Rocker Chick"!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pearliss is home...

Well, Pearliss got to come home today! he is looking good but has that collar on which he doesn't like at all because he can't groom! And Pearliss is all about "grooming"!! Poor little bird.

I can tell he is glad to be home though. Now we have to switch foods on him too! He should be eating these high nutrition pellets and of course he loves his seed and won't touch the pellet. The vet said it will take about 2 weeks for him to switch over. We"ll have to work on it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My talented Loonie friend....

How cool is this little chicken planter? This was made by my dear Loonie friend. She is so talented and when I was at her house she gave me this wonderful hand built chicken planter. She should be selling her stuff! Loon! Hear me?

Well, I took it home and planted these fun succulents in it. It looks sooo cute! I love it and I already told her I want to put my order in now, for Christmas gifts! Get busy Loon!

PS. Pearliss is still at the "hospital" and will spend another night there to be sure he gets accustomed to his "collar".

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well, Pearliss bleed again last night. He has gotten to picking his poor scabbed nubs. Thank God this morning was his check up with Dr. Dickey cuz I am really getting burned out on being the "vet on call" at home.

Pearliss is now admitted to Dr. Dickey's clinic for a few days until he becomes accustomed to a neck collar. Yes, they have neck collars for birds! Oh, poor poor Pearlie. They had to put him in a padded cage too until he stops freaking out. Needless to say I was A-OK when he said they'd have to keep him for a day, I said "Keep him as long as you need to!".

Ahh, peace and quiet at home. The weird thing is.....I am still worried about the bird! He is not even here!
Anyway, I hope to get an update tommorrow and will let all know.
PS. Loon you are the greatest and I want your dogs!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A set back...

This afternoon Camille checked on Pearlie and there was a drop of blood on his perch. I had to do the whole "flour & pressure" thing again. We were disheartened but I know we need to keep a positive attitude, sometimes it's hard! We don't know how he did it either. We don't think he beat his wings as there wasn't any spatter, I'm thinking he accidently brushed it on the perch or picked it while grooming. Either way, bummer.

P.S. Loonie, thank you for all your well wishes and the great Pearlie song!

Pearliss Update...

I am so happy to report that Pearliss is getting back to his onery self!! Biting, squawking begging to get out of his cage!! We have not let him out of his cage for 3 days, and I think that was the key. It kept him quiet and not active. Well, we did get him out and gave him lots of scritching and kisses but just for a few minutes at a time. I have been able to put the ointment on his wings 2x a day and give him his dose of pain med 1x a day. His appetite has picked up and he hasn't had anymore episodes of unbalance or bleeding. Oh, thank God.

I also decided that I can add "veterinary" to my list of "hats" were I to actually get paid as a "stay at home Mom".

Friday, July 14, 2006

Pearliss needs Prayers.....

Oh, poor Pearliss Bird. We came home from the RT concert Sunday night and something had spooked Pearliss in his cage, he beat his wings against the cage until they were bloody stumps at the ends. There was his blood splattered on the wall behind the cage and his wings were still dripping. It was so incredibly sad and scary. I immediately applied pressure and flour to stop the flow. It worked but he was soooo traumatized. Monday was ok, then he got spooked again and started to beat against the cage, we ran out and stopped him BUT he started the bleeding again, and again I had to apply pressure and flour. So, Tuesday morning at 12am then again at 1 am he started them bleeding while in his covered cage, I swear I could NOT be a nurse because when I saw Camille holding him and the blood was flowing down her wrist I had to put my head between my knees!!!! It was terrible. So, I called the Vet Tuesday a.m. and took him to Dr. Ron Dickey in Rogue River, known as the best bird vet in the valley. He is too! He fixed him up and I brought him home, with Jas's help, but Pearliss made this weird keening noise the whole way, freaked us out! Dr. Dickey also informed me he was going out of town the next day, just my luck! He gave Pearlie a vitamin B injection to stimulate his appetite and get him eating again, applied a liquid bandaid to the cuts and pulled out the blood feathers. This poor poor bird has been through so much. He again bled twice yesterday and I seriously thought it was the end for him. I was bawling, Cami was bawling and I was calling Vets after hours trying to find some help. I ended up just applying pressure and flour again even though the Dr. said NO flour as it turns to a glue. It was the only way I culd get the blood to stop. As we put him to bed last night he started getting really unsteady and I thought he was going into shock. Poor Camille (he is her bird) she was so sad and we were both crying and crying. I was so scared to look in on him this a.m. for fear of what I would find BUT he was still alive this morning and I gave him his pain meds and ointmented his poor bloody stumps. He didn't eat all day then when Cam got home we gave him some homemade granola and he loved it. I take him back to Dr. Dickey on Tuesday, I hope. I guess we take it one day at a time and pray for a miracle.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Awesome Rob Thomas!!

What an Awesome night!! Rob Thomas is a true artist. Brilliant singer songwriter! It was worth sitting in the blazing sun, (95 degrees in the shade) parched with thirst, sweatin' up a storm and claustrophobia setting in becuz of the close proximity of the seating arrangement! Finally he came on and his preformance was so great! The girls stood in the "mosh pit" the whole time! Anyway, Cam took the photos! Love that digital camera!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Just stuff...

Finally got a new layout done. Camille took this photo of us at Point St. George over Mother's Day weekend. She developed the film and photo in her photo class at college. She had fun in the class and learned ALOT, esp. how to use her 35mm!

Went to Grower's Market today and got a homemade donut and homemade goat's milk soap that smell sooo good, called Amazon Rain! I just love that guys soaps. My girls are so spoiled cuz now that's all they will use.

It is just too darn hot to do anything!!!