Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well, Pearliss bleed again last night. He has gotten to picking his poor scabbed nubs. Thank God this morning was his check up with Dr. Dickey cuz I am really getting burned out on being the "vet on call" at home.

Pearliss is now admitted to Dr. Dickey's clinic for a few days until he becomes accustomed to a neck collar. Yes, they have neck collars for birds! Oh, poor poor Pearlie. They had to put him in a padded cage too until he stops freaking out. Needless to say I was A-OK when he said they'd have to keep him for a day, I said "Keep him as long as you need to!".

Ahh, peace and quiet at home. The weird thing is.....I am still worried about the bird! He is not even here!
Anyway, I hope to get an update tommorrow and will let all know.
PS. Loon you are the greatest and I want your dogs!!

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