Monday, July 24, 2006

Rocker Chick....

Pearliss is doing good. Starting to eat more each day and hasn't bled at all, thank goodness! The collar looks uncomfortable and he can't groom or anything but it is doing it's job. I really didn't think the bird would make it. And I never thought we'd make it this far!

It's hard to watch him though when he twists his little head around trying to groom. I hope we can take it off on August 2nd, at the follow up visit. The vet said something about 2 months! Jeez, that's a long time for a poor little bird to not be able to groom! Like us not being able to bathe ):

Camille altered this headshot of Pearlie! Isn't it cool?! You can see the peanut butter crumbs on his beak!! She calls it "Rocker Chick"!!

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Annie said...

kim, Thanks for visiting my blog. I am really enjoying yours. What a cute bird. A neck collar for birds; who would have thunk it?? I'm glad he's doing better.
I will have to look for that date bar recipe. I don't think I posted it. Hang tight and I will get it to you, ok?? Annie