Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tags and My Buddy...

Ah, the cold mornings and warmer days...lovely! Days are too warm to fire up the woodstove but the BigGuy says maybe we can start burning on my birthday! Just a few weeks away. I love wood heat! The heat-pump just makes it stuffy and drafty. Anyway.... Here is a photo of the tags me and Buddy made a few weekends ago. We had a good time. And I also posted a layout I did of her in her new glasses! She looks sooo cute! Poor kid couldn't see the chalkboard or overhead at school but didn't tell me until I noticed she couldn't read the TV from the dinner table! Now she's all set!

My new fav paper is CosmoCricket Love Notes!That is what I used on her layout. Ordered the new Basic Grey Fruitcake and Dasher Holiday papers today off of Scrapgal.com. Can't wait for FancyPants Claire deLune to get in the stores too! Love their stuff!

Mmm, cold front moving in and a blustery day!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lily wonders why......

....there are not as many pictures of her as there are of Cam and Jas on the blog. Hmm, don't know, but I just fixed that! She is so beautiful! The first three were taken on Cam and Jas's modeling day! And the last 2 were taken when Lily got her new Marilyn Monroe shirt! How fun. Can't wait to do some layouts including these pictures.

Me and Jasi visited the new scrapbook store today to see what was new and ended up with some fun Christmas stuff. When we got home we had an art day and made some Christmas tags! (Will post pictures of them later.) It was so fun and it made her in a better mood. She is such a "teenager"! I never had to deal with those moods and attitudes when Lily and Cami were at that age! Guess I've been very lucky.

Supposed to rain tommorrow! Yippee!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

New Stuff!

Ahhh, I am finally going to post my "Loonie" friends' birthday card done in a 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch format. It is sooooo Loon! Picture was taken from last years Christmas Tea Party when she was opening gifts! HeeHee!

Next is a cool layout of Jasmine. It was photos taken at the Beanery coffeehouse this summer and Camille took it with her 35mm camera, then we scanned it on the 'puter and photoshopped it to make it look soo cool! Fun papers from new Karen Russell collection and Foofala! Finally used some of the many thousands of buttons I have, thanks to Elsie Flannigans new book which I finally just bought!! Fun Fun Fun!! And of course....glitter!!

Mmm, found the new Fine Cooking Holiday issue yesterday
during my weekly trek to my fav store, Barnes and Noble. I made the awesome Chocolate Chip Muffins for breakfast this a.m. Fantastic. Also got the new Donna Hay magazine which is total eye candy for a foodie like me. Simple, wonderful recipes to boot!! New Legacy and Stamper's Sampler are out too which made their way into my basket! Ah, my bad, I know!

Well, off to the grocery for me!!! Happy Fall!

PS. It was 37 degrees this morning! Brr! AND, the bigguy has to get into the Pool to disconnect the pump so we can shut' er down for the winter!!HeeHeeHee!!!