Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lily wonders why......

....there are not as many pictures of her as there are of Cam and Jas on the blog. Hmm, don't know, but I just fixed that! She is so beautiful! The first three were taken on Cam and Jas's modeling day! And the last 2 were taken when Lily got her new Marilyn Monroe shirt! How fun. Can't wait to do some layouts including these pictures.

Me and Jasi visited the new scrapbook store today to see what was new and ended up with some fun Christmas stuff. When we got home we had an art day and made some Christmas tags! (Will post pictures of them later.) It was so fun and it made her in a better mood. She is such a "teenager"! I never had to deal with those moods and attitudes when Lily and Cami were at that age! Guess I've been very lucky.

Supposed to rain tommorrow! Yippee!


Annie said...

Kim, Your kids are all beautiful. The bottom pic makes me want to cut my long hair. I love the style!!

Hey, on the chicken dish...The recipe is supposed to feed 4 but I would probably double it. If you click on the link for the shrimp stir fry it might give you a better idea because it has a recipe size conversion.

Artfully Yours said...

Thanks Annie!!

Decorus Veritas said...

Lovely photos, it is great to see such joy captured in film and art. You truly have given the world three beautiful young ladies, and they take after their mother in being beautiful souls as well. Blessings!