Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tags and My Buddy...

Ah, the cold mornings and warmer days...lovely! Days are too warm to fire up the woodstove but the BigGuy says maybe we can start burning on my birthday! Just a few weeks away. I love wood heat! The heat-pump just makes it stuffy and drafty. Anyway.... Here is a photo of the tags me and Buddy made a few weekends ago. We had a good time. And I also posted a layout I did of her in her new glasses! She looks sooo cute! Poor kid couldn't see the chalkboard or overhead at school but didn't tell me until I noticed she couldn't read the TV from the dinner table! Now she's all set!

My new fav paper is CosmoCricket Love Notes!That is what I used on her layout. Ordered the new Basic Grey Fruitcake and Dasher Holiday papers today off of Scrapgal.com. Can't wait for FancyPants Claire deLune to get in the stores too! Love their stuff!

Mmm, cold front moving in and a blustery day!


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo jealous of your tags!
Looks like you and Jaz were having way too much fun without ME!
I love her glasses... SHe is such a sophisticated babe (:
Loon we are going to have a Birthday Bash- I wish pearliss could come aka xbubblebird-
see you soon

Anonymous said...

Loonie make sure and post your birthday on line....
I hope you take my advice and go see Marie A (:
eye candy loon eye candy
Hope your birthday is as beautiful as you are inside and out every day of the year- you are special loonie and don't you forget it!
Love the toon