Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mom's Day '08

Woohoo! I got my red ipod nano for Mom's day! I was sooo excited and I started my walking routine the next day! Haven't missed a day yet! The girls engraved it:
"To Mom, A Trifle of Our Love". Jasmine says that in a really corny voice and I have never forgotten it. It was the perfect engraving for me!

We had apple pancakes with cinnamon orange butter and Lily brought out a fresh fruit salad with whip cream. And coffee, of course! Num Num. For dinner we met Lil and Shawn for Mex food and then we went to DQ for a dipped cone! Oink. It was a wonderful day!!

Pictures are : me and Jas, Lily laughing and last one is me (:

Jasi's Prom

Jasi had her senior prom a few weeks ago. She looked gorgeous in Cami's old prom dress. She really wanted to wear Cam's dress, I asked her if she didn't want to go shop for one of her own? But this dress, it is exquisite and I understand why she would want to wear it. She got to ride in a limo with friends and have a tasty dinner. Evidentially the dance itself wasn't so great and she came home early. Crazy kid (: