Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Art Room

Well, this is the art room. It really wasn't planned as the art room, just got there by osmosis. We did an add-on 10 years ago, still haven't finished it and I got tired of waiting soooo, I just expanded out there.
It is never tidy, always a mess BUT that is a good thing, means lots of creativity is going on! There is everything you'd want. There is a ton of art on the wall from Lily and Cami. I have a few small things up too. The little tag-y things are things I made a few years ago with a stroke of total creativity. I really had fun making them, I was obsessed. Just used good old cardboard and distressed it. Got sloppy and free with them. Sparked lots of neuro pathways making them. I loved it! Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cherish Always

Ahhh, my beautiful Lily! This is now, one of my favorite pieces I've done. I love the photo. I used digital brushes from Elizabeth the Painter
I love her brushes! I also am into sewing alot on the layouts! Machine seems to be okay with it so far(: This is Lily's favorite too. Then the spash of color with the winged heart. Just made a really cool look. Paper is from Wild Asparagus. Usually I go for more bold color but I am really into their muted colors!! Enjoy!

Me and the "4th Child" Zoe

Why do we love our animals soo much? I know that I do. I get so scared thinking of something happening to Zoe, I am definately attached. I told my Hubby and my girls that when everyone is grown and moved out that I am going to get me a little lap dog. That will be my "baby". Animals bring such joy. I am so thankful for them.

I have been cranking out the layouts lately. Well, just one a day, but hey at least I am getting it done. And, I actually filled my Making Memories album. I never thought that would happen! I love it! An online friend, Leesie from 2peas, asked how I do stuff. Well, for one thing I have a truck load of stuff to choose from. See, I used to work at a stamp store and amassed quite alot. Then, I do have an "addiction"(Laveda don't laugh!) to buying new stuff. (A bone of contention with the big guy.) So, having alot to choose from, and work with, makes for more interest on the page sometimes. And I must have musica! That creates the mood. I must have TEA! I must have cookies too! Not a Lo-Cal activity!

Starting the piece is the hardest. Then I just have to let it go, not let it become "precious" and it flows from there. Having the stamping background and doing alot of cardmaking has helped too. Plus, one thing that I have always been good at is color matching.

The photo altering is a whole 'nother thing. I do alot of desaturation, more saturation, more contrast, less contrast, with them. Sometimes I will use filters too. I love Legacy magazine from Stampington. They have a cyber section that gives good hints. I have learned the most from that magazine and just experimenting, wasted alot of $$ on photoshop books! ):

So, basically you need to go with the rule that "there are no rules".

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Spunky Buddy

Ah, just love these colors! This is my buddy at her spunkiest. She just looks so adorable! I used all new Karen Russell Narratives stuff. It is so beautiful. I also sewed over the transparency, never done that before. My machine was ok with it! Used my big Heidi Swapp flowers and also used my Crop-a-dile. That is some tool.

Was Hot Hot Hot all week so we got the pool going and as soon as we did that it cooled way down! I also, finally, got a new patio set, my first one actually since the other was an old hand me down. I just went to Fred Meyer Thursday and bought it! Every year I say I am going to do it and every year I think to hard don't do it. I was proud of me self for following thru this year!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mom's day at coast

Ahh, what a wonderful picture of all my girls! This was at the coast on the 13th, day before mom's day. We actually went over to see my Mom for Mother's day and give gifts, bbq and visit. It was fun. Just gorgeous on the beach, sunny and a light breeze. Not windy at all!

Lots and lots of driftwood but not many agates at all. Of course, I was shooting pictures the whole time! Cami was too, with her new lens, for class. She has turned out some very cool pics!

All in all it was a fun day but the drive on that coast road always gets to us. Kinda puke-y!

My Buddy

This is my newest layout of Buddy. I love it because it is so soft! She can be such a little pistol and this captures a softer side!! I incorporated the Starbuck's cupcake sticker on it. Her new FAV.

Also, finally used some gaffer tape!! I have to say tho, I am not happy with 7gypsies new packaging of the gaffer tape. It was much easier to handle on a roll, now it is flat strips on non-stick paper!
Not good ):

Lucky Lady!

I am the luckiest and most blessed Mom! All 3 of my girls always make me the most beautiful cards for Mother's Day! I have posted this years crop! They are sooo cool! They are the gifts themselves!

I had a real nice Mom's day too. The girls made me strawberry cream scones with devonshire cream and lemon curd!!! French pressed coffee too! Candles lit, special! I loved it!

They gave me Sandalwood soap, smells divine! 2 more Laini's Lady's!! A cat one that says "If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace I would surely vote for the purr!"(Barbara L. Diamond) It s SO me! And then the sweetest one that says "You're my sweetest thought of everyday" (Laini) Gives me tears. They also got me some postage stickers with the "Bad Cat" cats on them. So funny!! Then they got me a cool "quotable magnet" that says "if i know what love is, it is because of you." (Herman Hesse) Makes me think I did a good job as mom.

The Big Guy was so funny. He hadn't got me a gift so he put 200$ in the card envy. Well, I didn't see it so he finally took it out and said it was for the tickets to see Rob Thomas! Ahhhw, sweet. But I didn't accept cause I had already told the kids they had to contribute at least 1/2 of the cost of their tickets, but mostly I couldn't accept because I had already bought me my Mom's day gift from him!! Hee! New clothes and new Clinique!! Fun Fun Fun!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Rob Thomas is.........

ROB THOMAS IS COMING TO THE BRITT FESTIVAL JULY 9th!!! I am beyond excited. I am hysterical! I got the mail, saw it and immediately called and got 5 tickets!! The kids were all screaming with excitement....... as was I. He is the one person I most wanted to see LIVE!!! I LOVE him!!

OK, need to calm down. Get grounded and, ugh, make dinner. Back to the real world!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I am on the hunt this a.m. for some Rhonna Farrer clear stamps. I really want the Flourishes, Swirls, Flowers and Nature! All I can find on-line, in STOCK in Nature! Ahk! It makes me crazy and I waste so much time looking and searching. I just want it all NOW. Well, guess this is a lesson in..waiting. Something I have a really hard time doing!

I really am supposed to be making my mom's Mother's Day card. Back at it I guess. ):

Ahhh, I finished it!! Hope she likes it. Now, I just have to figure out what to get her!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Introducing the Baby

This is my baby, Jasi. She will be 16 soon and acts like she is going on 30!! Makes me crazy! She is just a beauty and very smart as well. Following the footsteps of her older sisters.

These photos were taken on the way home from ice skating. We stopped at out fav place, Starbuck's, and got our fav drink, a Mocha Breve. It was so windy that day, blowing everyone around. The Girl Scouts were out selling their cookies, of course we had to buy some to eat with our mochas!! Mmm.

I loved using the Starbucks pamphlets and other fun stuff in the layout. I changed the saturation in the photos with photoshop, sanded the edges of the photos and used the cool white staples I found, to attach the photos! I have some 7 Gypsies cardstock stickers and gaffer tape on there too. I love how it turned out.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Star Quality

This is Cami. She is absolutely gorgeous and smart too! Straight A's all the way, graduating valedectorian (as did Lily) and receiving a Presidential scholarship for college (as did Lily). I just love this layout. It's so soft and beautiful, just like her. I call her my "sunshine child". Always a sunny disposition and very compassionate. She loves her kitties.

Not only is she very smart but she is also a wonderful artist! Winning 1st place 4 years in a row at her Spring Art Show in highschool! She was also Prom Queen and awarded "Student of the Year"! I so wish she would embrace all these wonderful gifts!!

I took her to lunch today for mexican food in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. She is quite the whip at Spanish, finishing her 2nd year of it in college. I always say "I love it when you talk Spanish Cam!!". It sounds so cute coming from this beautiful blond girl!!

After mexican food we wanted to see if we could find some popsicles Lily told us about. Dreyers Coconut Bars! We found them at Albertson's and were thrilled!! They are Delish! 'Course we love coconut!

Well, it might just be "teatime" now. I wish I had DSL or another hi-speed internet connection. Dial up just takes so darn long to upload!! Ahhh!! Hmm, might have time to work on a layout b4 dinner!!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Angel Face

I just made this layout of Lily today. I took this picture as she was leaving to go to work, to barista a "sweet 16" party for the owner's daughter. After she got home she said she was never having children! I laughed and laughed.

Lily has the most sweet face. I have always called her my "moonface child". When she was a baby people would stop and say "What a beautiful child!". She has grown into an absolutely stunning young lady! She looks like a young Marilyn Monroe! People tell her that alot at the coffeehouse she works at! I have got to upload some photos we took of her after Cami made her up to really look like Marilyn. We even fooled Grandpa! It was great.

Lily graduated Valedectorian and won a presidential scholarship to college, as did Cami. She was also Prom Queen which was so cool after being so shy all her years of highschool! Such a gifted artist too! She is majoring in english with minors in art and journalism!

I love you Lily!

The Time has Come...

Hi! This blog is something I have been contemplating for a while now and decided to "just go for it!" I love visiting other creatively inspiring websites and blogs and I can only hope that I can make mine as inspirational.

My new love is to scrapbook my 3 beautiful girls. I started rubber stamping 10 years or so ago ( my husband made me go to the wife of a colleagues Stampin' Up Party, said I could spend $25 ..ha! I spent $75 and was hooked....thank you Honey!! Who's sorry now?LOL), making cards, and amassed quite a collection of all kinds of stamps, inks, pens, papers, embellishments, ephemera, name it!

I have watched scrapbooking take over rubberstamping in the last few years and I kept purchasing new "stuff" and then thought "what am I doing with all this stuff?" Thus, I bought my first photo album (a Making Memories 9x9 inch) a month ago and have made about 11 pages. I am so excited to share them with you!

My fav scrapbookers are Elsie Flannigan, Karen Russell, Maria Grace Abuzman and Heidi Swapp (her older stuff). I love Legacy Magazine, Scrapbooks Etc., and Creating Keepsakes, not to mention all the special publications and books!

I'm lovin' to sew on the layouts and I love give them the distress look, or "shabby chic" look!