Thursday, May 25, 2006

Me and the "4th Child" Zoe

Why do we love our animals soo much? I know that I do. I get so scared thinking of something happening to Zoe, I am definately attached. I told my Hubby and my girls that when everyone is grown and moved out that I am going to get me a little lap dog. That will be my "baby". Animals bring such joy. I am so thankful for them.

I have been cranking out the layouts lately. Well, just one a day, but hey at least I am getting it done. And, I actually filled my Making Memories album. I never thought that would happen! I love it! An online friend, Leesie from 2peas, asked how I do stuff. Well, for one thing I have a truck load of stuff to choose from. See, I used to work at a stamp store and amassed quite alot. Then, I do have an "addiction"(Laveda don't laugh!) to buying new stuff. (A bone of contention with the big guy.) So, having alot to choose from, and work with, makes for more interest on the page sometimes. And I must have musica! That creates the mood. I must have TEA! I must have cookies too! Not a Lo-Cal activity!

Starting the piece is the hardest. Then I just have to let it go, not let it become "precious" and it flows from there. Having the stamping background and doing alot of cardmaking has helped too. Plus, one thing that I have always been good at is color matching.

The photo altering is a whole 'nother thing. I do alot of desaturation, more saturation, more contrast, less contrast, with them. Sometimes I will use filters too. I love Legacy magazine from Stampington. They have a cyber section that gives good hints. I have learned the most from that magazine and just experimenting, wasted alot of $$ on photoshop books! ):

So, basically you need to go with the rule that "there are no rules".

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