Friday, May 05, 2006

Star Quality

This is Cami. She is absolutely gorgeous and smart too! Straight A's all the way, graduating valedectorian (as did Lily) and receiving a Presidential scholarship for college (as did Lily). I just love this layout. It's so soft and beautiful, just like her. I call her my "sunshine child". Always a sunny disposition and very compassionate. She loves her kitties.

Not only is she very smart but she is also a wonderful artist! Winning 1st place 4 years in a row at her Spring Art Show in highschool! She was also Prom Queen and awarded "Student of the Year"! I so wish she would embrace all these wonderful gifts!!

I took her to lunch today for mexican food in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. She is quite the whip at Spanish, finishing her 2nd year of it in college. I always say "I love it when you talk Spanish Cam!!". It sounds so cute coming from this beautiful blond girl!!

After mexican food we wanted to see if we could find some popsicles Lily told us about. Dreyers Coconut Bars! We found them at Albertson's and were thrilled!! They are Delish! 'Course we love coconut!

Well, it might just be "teatime" now. I wish I had DSL or another hi-speed internet connection. Dial up just takes so darn long to upload!! Ahhh!! Hmm, might have time to work on a layout b4 dinner!!!!

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