Monday, September 28, 2009

The Wedding of the Year!

Our amateur photos of Lily's wedding day! Lily and Shawn, me and Camille, me and Lily , my beautiful family, Daddy and Lily, her dress, and Daddy walking Lily down the isle!! What a beautiful day and I SURVIVED it! Whew! It was just an awesome, fun day! We had the old barn at Pacifica in Williams Ore, (the old Steve Miller Band Ranch) decorated with all fall decor, sooo pretty! We had a big catered BBQ and THE most delicious cakes from Apple Cellar Bakery (Ashland Ore) Raspberry Poppyseed, Fresh Blackberry Vanilla Genoise and Hazelnut Chocolate Torte! So delish and the flower lady, Clara , decorated them gorgeous! The big dance floor was rockin' with the DJ playing lots of fun music as the champagne flowed! It was an incredible amount of work and planning. I could not have done it without all the help I received from my wonderful friends and family! I love you guys!!

30 years!!

Celebrating 30 years together!!!