Thursday, May 04, 2006

Angel Face

I just made this layout of Lily today. I took this picture as she was leaving to go to work, to barista a "sweet 16" party for the owner's daughter. After she got home she said she was never having children! I laughed and laughed.

Lily has the most sweet face. I have always called her my "moonface child". When she was a baby people would stop and say "What a beautiful child!". She has grown into an absolutely stunning young lady! She looks like a young Marilyn Monroe! People tell her that alot at the coffeehouse she works at! I have got to upload some photos we took of her after Cami made her up to really look like Marilyn. We even fooled Grandpa! It was great.

Lily graduated Valedectorian and won a presidential scholarship to college, as did Cami. She was also Prom Queen which was so cool after being so shy all her years of highschool! Such a gifted artist too! She is majoring in english with minors in art and journalism!

I love you Lily!

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