Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Big Day....

The big day came and went with dinner at Circle J Cafe and fun little gifts from the girls, a new car stereo from the bigguy (he put it in 2 mos. ago and just informed me it was my birthday gift! BUT, i love it!). The best gifts though are hands down, the cards the girls made me!! Lily's was very elegant with hand drawn pen and ink and ribbon! Jasi's is so funny with Venus rising out of the starbucks cup with my head on THAT bod! I WISH!! And...Camilles just CRACKED me up!! Me and Rob Thomas kissing! She did it on the computer and thought up this whole elaborate card complete with 2 tickets to the "greatest Unknown Love Story" ever shown. She is such a funny girl! I made my German Chocolate cake (I make it every year for myself), the thing must've weighted in at 10 lbs!! So nummy! And, Lily is to thank for that little pack of "donkey" gum I am holding up!! ( I'd like to think the saying is true but alas, things are starting to go south at this age.) She finds the funniest gifts!! Another year older....but I'd like to think wiser too!!


Anonymous said...

oh my gawd! Those cards are too funny- and the one lily made looks so sweet (:
Loonie I hope you had a wonderful day- Who but you would get some great ass gum... Hilarious loon you bad!
LOOnie about are bdays- call me soon so we can spoil each other
Love ya
the toon

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Kim, Sorry I missed it!
The cards are fantastic!!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. That German Chocolate Cake looks amazing.

Thanks for the recipe on the bars!!

Take Care, Annie