Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My talented Loonie friend....

How cool is this little chicken planter? This was made by my dear Loonie friend. She is so talented and when I was at her house she gave me this wonderful hand built chicken planter. She should be selling her stuff! Loon! Hear me?

Well, I took it home and planted these fun succulents in it. It looks sooo cute! I love it and I already told her I want to put my order in now, for Christmas gifts! Get busy Loon!

PS. Pearliss is still at the "hospital" and will spend another night there to be sure he gets accustomed to his "collar".


Anonymous said...

cluck cluck
bless my feathers
aw chucks
that was so tweet of you
Love your new plants!
Thanks for all your kudos loonie :)

Anonymous said...

Loonie I decided to call my little hens "clucks" what do you think?
Thank you for your support now I want to make a crazy collection of these clucks! How about a sign that says: Clucks 4 Sale take your peck!
Hee Hee.....
I have been trying to call you had a great road trip! Yeehaw- lots of cowboys (don't worry loon- just looking). Love ya~