Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some new Fav's....

Oh yeah! I have a new favorite book! It's "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. So, so, so breathtaking, wonderful, poetic, melancholic, awesome and UNFORGETTABLE!! I just loved it and I will never forget this book. It is written by a young man. Incredible! Please read it! (Loon, wait till your birthday please!)

On the music front my new favorite is Joshua Radin, "We were here". Love the slow melancholy music of his. ALSO, just out today.....Ray LaMontagne "Till the sun turns black". Waaay soulful voice! Great CD! (sorry no pic!)


Anonymous said...

Loon I just got back from me trip and one days of work- heading back to Portland for Jills niece Tadimdia Wedding )- whew! loonie Iam beat! What a wonderful trip though.. It was too beauty loon.
Love your postings! The piece on Cam was really nice and her card was so lovely. Must talk soon- another summer gone by loon lifes too short!

something from me said...

I am going book buying today, so I will look out for this. I hope it's available in the UK.