Friday, August 11, 2006

Ahhh.... The Big Day!

Lily's birthday was sooo nice! I got up early to put her cake together. I "tested" it so much though, that by the time we had it I was kinda sick of it! Really, though, it was awesome. We had vanilla coffee, fresh peaches with blueberries and cream and Cook's Quick Cinnamon Rolls(May/June 2002) for breakfast. It was delicious!

We went to dinner at River's Edge and sat out side and watched the Rogue roll by. It was absolutely gorgeous! Just the right temperature and a small breeze. Since she was "legal" she ordered a Choco-tini. Mmm, it was delish, kinda strong. I swear, I am just a wimp. I had THREE sips of that drink and I could feel it! No kidding. I don't drink ever anyway but I don't think I can tolerate alcohol anymore, maybe because of all the migraine stuff I've taken and continue to take. Hmm, just as well I guess. Then Cami had 2 sips, and she is just skin and bones, she felt it too! ( This is a quote from Cami on the way home "Does alcohol give you gas? We just crack up. "I just want to know!" More laughing from us. "Geez, never mind, whatever!") It was an awfully fun dinner! The "big guy" just sat there, surrounded by his beautiful women.

We came home and opened gifts. I don't know why I always overdo everything but it was like Christmas for Lily! I mean, I don't feel bad cuz she is such a wonderful daughter and it WAS her 21st! The digital camera came at the very last minute yesterday. I was sweatin' I'll tell you! She had no idea either. I had her open everything else first then saved the camera for last. She was sooo surprised, it was great. The cake was wonderful, even though we were all full from the dinner. (I had blackened tuna salad. I had no idea that the tuna was left pink inside and I had a hard time eating it, actually I gave it to the "big guy" and snitched some of his salmon).

Anyway, it was really nice and, I now have to gear up for Camille's 19th on Sunday! Yikes!! I think I've gained 10 lbs already! What was I thinking , having their birthdays soo close!

P.S. The order of photos is: Lily being Marilyn, Me & Lily at restuarant, Jasi copping an attitude, beautiful Camille and "The Cake".


Anonymous said...

Looney there should be a crime against having to get the minute by minute details of you and that coconut cake!!!! Really loon you really know how to give a girl the blues ):
Aside from that(bad loon)- It sounds like you all had w a y too much fun without me (again). AND where are you anyways? You told me you might stop by? Anyways its probably for the best. My usually imaculate house (don't split a gut)
was not at its best! HA HA loonie. I love the photos- that Lily really does resemble Marilyn... And Jaz and Cam are always so beauty! BUT lets talk about the cake loon and where is Pearliss(s) airtime? Does the chick have to get sick again? HUH! As for Camilles Cowboy pic she is as pretty as any little Rodeo Queen I've ever seen (I am an expert now that I've been to a real rodeo).
Well take care and have fun with your leftovers!!! Really, geez.

Annie said...

Kim, Lily is beautiful, actually you all are! The cake too!
Anyway, Happy Birthday Lily.