Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just Stuff.....

I am just a bad blogger! I think it has something to do with still being on "dial-up" because everything takes sooo long to upload! Well, that is a good excuse, huh?

Anyway, Pearliss is doing just great now! Got him transferred to his new "high potency" pellet food and Cami says he looks soo good. I think he looks "sooo" good because I took the collar off and the poor bird was finally able to groom! He was a "groomin' fool" for a while there after I first took the collar off! Such a funny bird!

Finally finished a new page. This is of Cami, during her and Jasi's "cowboy photo shoot". The camera loves this girl! I just really want to create some more art. Man, there is just no creativity there! It is soo very frustrating!

I met my Mom at the Grower's Market this past weekend and got some nummy rasberries to make Giada's "Raspberry Almond Tart". So simple and easy and goooood!
We had lunch at Circle J Cafe and it was delish! I am so glad that she is in our town now, sorry Mom and Sis! She used to be in Crescent City but decided to move over the mountains to my part of the valley! I lucky! I split a hot pastrami sandwich with Jas and it also came with sweet potato fries that were awesome! The sandwich itself was on the best homemade roll! I can't wait to go back!

And....Lilyann's 21st Birthday is tommorrow!!! I just can't believe my "baby" is turning 21!!! I am anxiously waiting for a digital camera I ordered for her, to get here UPS! I am hoping it comes today! I am also making Caprial's Coconut Cream Cake for the party. She loves coconut and in honor of the 21st I thought I'd go to the lengths to make this cake. Will post pic's when I have it done. So far, the coconut cream filling is delish ( I used the Mexican Vanilla I got at Market of Choice in Ashland this week and a whole vanilla bean, which I can now use in my Gevalia coffee this morning....oooooo nummers!) and the buttercream frosting starts with a pastry cream! Then you whip it into a creamed butter/sugar mixture....mmmmmmm good!!! Can't wait!! Happy Birthday Lils!

Hmmm, well I think I'll go make some fresh blueberry muffins to go with that Vanilla coffee this morning........oinkers!

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Annie said...

Wow, I guess you do like to cook! Raspberry Almond Tart, Coconut Cream Cake and Blueberry Muffins...sounds great!!