Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Trifle!!

I forgot to address "The Trifle"!! I made a chocolate peppermint trifle for Christmas dessert. It was Martha's recipe and easy but many steps! It called for chocolate liqueur which I had to go buy. They recommended Godiva but gee whiz, $30 a bottle? The big guy was with, so I had to buy another brand at $10 a bottle. I am sure it wasn't as good BUT no matter I didn't use much anyway. The trifle was delicious but very very rich. And it looked so pretty!!

I also loaded up a picture of Sophie on Cami's scrapping table at Christmas time. Cam was working on a very awesome scrapbook for Jas for Christmas and Soph had to be in on the action!! She is the "Sophie Jekyl Sophie Hyde" kitty....multiple personalities....

And here is the "Snowman thank you" card I made Looney's Mom for sending her delicious cookies to the tea party!! Also, I finished Laveda's birthday card and it turned out real cute! The Queen Bird!!

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