Thursday, November 12, 2009

Loonies view.....

photo by morgan

here is what my sweet Loonie friend had to say about the wedding (Oh, and the pic is of us boogying down!):

the flowers- best i have ever seen at a wedding- the color combination was amazing
the cake- oh the spongy white cake with the blackberry filling and rich buttery creamy frosting- sigh.
the dress- she looked like she was floating in that dress- beautiful.
the music- omg i had to be pried away! i was having sooooo much fun dancing with everyone (;
the bride- shining like the beautiful star she is.
wonderful wedding!
i was so so happy to be a part of this - thank you."


terraworks said...

your going down loonie.

terraworks said...

it was so much fun (honestly) and I meant every word!